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(Degenerative Myelopathy in German Shepherd Dogs)

UK Medications

My 2 dogs, Heidi and Lucy suffered from CDRM. Heidi was diagnosed in April 1998 and Lucy in December 1998. They are both from the same litter and were born in April 1989. Lucy Died in September 1999 and Heidi followed in November the same year. Both followed the regime of Dr RM Clemmons, using the medications and supplements.

Everybody should have the choice to try out the medications as part of the Dr. RM Clemmons regime. Buying from the States is fine, but it can be expensive and not always reliable (depending on the method of post you choose).

I tried to locate a UK supplier since I first heard of the medications. Originally I found a number of chemists that could supply both meds as a branded product. The problem was that the Acetylcysteine came in vials (injectable) only and the Aminocaproic acid cost 642 for a months supply!!

The good news is that I have now located a company called BCM Specials (A Boots the Chemist Company), that have committed to making a supply of both products at a price that is competitive with The U.S. supplier but without the hassle of customs and UK handling charges.


I wish you and your dogs the best of luck and good health.

Simon Nicholls



The medications are now ready for ordering.


It is apparent that some Chemists will add a percentage to the order. This can vary. Lloyds chemists for instance add a whopping great 25%.  My local independent chemist added 10% after some negotiation. The good news is though that Boots The Chemist add nothing at all and some even have discount deals with local Vets. Now you know.


MedCalc. A simple Excel based program for calculating amounts and dosages of medications for your dog. Download it free.


The Neurology Service Pages for the VMTH at theUniversity of Florida - Dr RM Clemmons treatment regime and the latest info on DM  (US)

your vet may require a print out of the above page


For UK patients a useful source for mail order vitamins are the two following companies;

Healthspan - 0800 7312377

Nature's Best - 01892 552157

Healthspan are based in the Channel Islands and prices are tax free. Natures Best whilst more expensive offer a wider selection. Both will send you a brochure if you call. Both are much cheaper than any high street outlet in most cases.



Spanna's CDRM WebSite (UK)

Jack Flash CDRM Support site

BCM Specials   Supplier of medications in the UK

Westlab Pharmacy   Supplier of medications to the UK from the States